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The storyline of the PEPE POKEMOON project.

In the world of Pepe Pokemoon, blending into the Pokemon universe, Pepe - a mysterious character with unique shape-shifting abilities - finds himself trapped and in need of the players' assistance to return to his own world.
Players embark on a journey with their favorite Pokemon, aiming to search for the fragments of an interdimensional gate that can bring Pepe home. Along the way, players will explore new lands, tame and train additional Pokemon, and confront rivals as well as dangerous challenges.
As players collect enough fragments, they will restore the gateway and help Pepe return home. However, not everyone wishes for Pepe's return. A mysterious organization with sinister intentions desires to seize Pepe's shape-shifting power to dominate the Pokemon world.
Players must face this organization, protect Pepe and the interdimensional gateway, and uncover the secrets behind the enemy's plot. Ultimately, players will assist Pepe in returning home and thwart the nefarious plans of the mysterious organization, bringing peace to the Pokemon world.
Pepe Pokemoon is a story about friendship, strength, and courage as players and their Pokemon embark on an adventure to rescue Pepe and protect the world.