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How players make money in the PepePokemoon project!

In the Pepe Pokemoon project, players have many ways to earn money by playing the game and participating in the project's economic ecosystem. Here are some ways that players can earn money:
Training and upgrading Pokemon: Players can earn money by training and upgrading their Pokemon to increase their value. Pokemon with higher levels or unique characteristics will have higher value on the NFT market, and players can sell them to earn profits.
Participating in battles and tournaments: Players can participate in battles and tournaments in the game to earn rewards in the form of tokens or other assets. The outcome of battles depends on the player's gaming skills, strategy, and preparation.
Completing tasks and events: Pepe Pokemoon often organizes special tasks and events, in which players can complete requirements and earn rewards in the form of tokens or other assets.
Trading NFTs: Players can buy, sell, and trade NFT assets in the game, such as Pokemon, equipment, and resources, to earn profits. The value of NFT assets may increase or decrease depending on the market and player demand.
Token mining: Players can participate in the token mining process by using their assets and resources in the game, such as providing energy for activities or participating in smart contracts. When mining tokens, players will receive rewards in the form of tokens.
Referring friends: Players can refer their friends to join Pepe Pokemoon and receive rewards in the form of tokens or other benefits when their friends register and participate in the game.