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How will the Pemon gameplay work ?

Open world: Creating a large virtual world with multiple regions based on the world of Pokemon. Players will have the opportunity to explore and experience familiar places from the Pokemon series, as well as new areas that you create.
NFT and digital assets: Pokemon characters, equipment, attributes, buildings, and many other in-game assets will be represented as NFTs. Players can trade, own, and earn NFTs by completing missions, participating in events, or buying and selling them on a decentralized marketplace.
Quest and story system: Players will experience engaging stories about the Pokemon world, complete quests, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets of the virtual world to develop characters and earn valuable rewards.
Token integration: The project may issue its own token to create an in-game economic system. Tokens can be used to purchase, sell, and trade assets, participate in events, vote on decisions, and more. Additionally, tokens can be earned by playing the game, participating in events, or referring friends.
Collaboration and community outreach: The project can collaborate with NFT developers, artists, authors, and industry experts to contribute ideas, content, and assets to the game. At the same time, the project also needs to reach out and connect with the gaming community, investors, and NFT users to attract interest and participation.
Multi-platform support: "Pepe Pokemoon" will support multiple platforms, allowing players to experience the game on mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers, providing convenient conditions for playing games anytime, anywhere.
Ensuring fairness and transparency: Based on blockchain technology and the web 3.0 platform, "Pepe Pokemoon" ensures fairness, transparency, and cannot be controlled by third parties. All transactions, events, and activities in the game are recorded on the blockchain, helping players to trust the fairness and reliability of the system.